Who or What is Menapia?

The area in and around Wexford was known as Menapia - in and around the time that Ireland (or √Čire) was known as Hibernae. 

The Menapii, were a Gaulish maritime tribe inhabiting the dense forests of the Rhine Estuary on the North Sea Coast, were first mentioned by Julius Caesar in 57 B.C. During the Gallic War he singled them out as the only tribe never to surrender to his legions.

The Menapii are the only known Celtic tribe specifically named on Ptolemy's 150 A.D. map of Ireland, where they located their first trading colony -- Menapia -- on the Leinster coast circa 216.D. They later settled around Lough Erne, becoming known as the Fir Manach, and giving their name to Fermanagh and Monaghan.

As mentioned, the Menapii had to resist the encroachments of marauding Germanic tribes and then Caesar's Roman Legions (invaded circa 57BC), but through their use of guerilla tactics, he was never able to totally conquer them.

Later the area was variously known as Corteigh (as in the modern Enniscorthy), Moragh (from which the clan McMurrough gets its name), or Laighion (sometimes applied to all of Leinster, and from which that name is derived).


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