Irish Independent article on 30th November 2008:

'Other families went into therapy. Mine played Scrabble. I'm convinced it's the only reason we still speak' (by Joseph O Connor)

IN an attempt to combine toughening up for the recession with the requirements of my imminent mid-life crisis, I've been running six miles daily... Read more


Irish Times article on 8th March 2008:

Get on board
(by Eoin Butler)

You can play Scrabble online, or in cafes, or with a growing number of clubs around the country. It's the new bingo...There are enthusiasts of all ages and from all walks of life...Read more




Irish Tribune article on 25th November 2007:


Triple word scores galore for Irish at Scrabble Four Nations (by Isabel Hayes)

IT USED to be the sole preserve of pensioners, but now the game of Scrabble is seeing a surge of popularity amongst young people, with new clubs opening up all around the country and Ireland beginning to make its mark at international level...  
Read more


Irish Independent article on 20th August 2007:

The joy of scrabble (unknown author)

The world-famous word game is enjoying a surge in popularity thanks to the website Facebook. Addict Sam Leith celebrates its enduring appeal...
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